Trust the Timing with Angie Morales

“Crash and burn until I learn.” – Angie Morales

Timing really is everything. Angie Morales, the Real Food Mama, started out in entrepreneurship, realized she wanted more “stability” and then found her way back to entrepreneurship. Each step in her journey has led her to where she is and now she knows to trust the timing. Listen in to learn more. 

After dealing with some health issues, Angie took it upon herself to clean up her eating. She became fervently passionate about using food to support her health and her goals. She built an Instagram following sharing her journey and her recipes and created a movement. 

But life happens. She and her ex-husband separated and in the chaos that follows huge life changes, she felt too adrift. Her new goal became finding stability and checking off all the “shoulds” on her life to-do list. 

Then Covid happened. 

She was off work for several weeks because her children were home from school and decided to sell some of the recipes she’d created for Real Food Mama and in two weeks made more than she did in a month at her “stable” job. 

Listen in to hear her whole story and why her foray into being a corporate employee has strengthened her knowledge and understanding of running her business. Angie is an inspiration and her passion for healthy living is contagious! You won’t want to miss out on all her nuggets of wisdom.

In this episode:

[00:32] Wish you had more control over your time? 

[03:18] Welcome Angie, the Real Food Mama!

[06:16] When did Angie have her creative spark? 

[10:45] Sometimes it’s all about being ready for that next step in entrepreneurship. 

[11:58] Everyone is on their own journey. Just share what you know!

[13:57] Your experiences help inform your growth. 

[16:19] How does she incorporate healthy eating with her kids? 

[20:13] Angie shares her tips for planning and prepping for busy seasons. 

[23:53] Don’t keep the crap food in your house. 

[26:16] The Real Food Mama exists to help people exactly where they are. 

[28:43] Give yourself grace and trust the timing. 

[30:33] What is one good meal to try to start getting your health on track? 

[32:37] Connect with Angie.

[33:49] My episode takeaways. 

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