Episode 28: Email Automation with Your Personal Tech Fairy Bev Feldman

Have you ever struggled with email marketing? Perhaps you struggle with the blinking cursor or setting up automations seems like it’s impossible? Then you need your own tech fairy! Bev Feldman joins me to chat about all things email automation magic and the myths that surround this marketing tactic. 

Bev started her entrepreneurial journey through making jewelry, but she quickly realized that her product-based business wasn’t sustainable or immediately scalable. Even after she switched her business model, she noticed that her website still got quite a bit of traffic. 

It was all coming from two how-to videos on her blog. She kept digging deeper and in this process realized that she really loved the tech aspect of her business. 

Convertkit was her go-to email service provider, so she became an expert at how to use it to nurture relationships on auto pilot. Now she works with her clients to automate their lead gathering process and nurturing them into paying customers. 

She’s sharing three of the biggest myths surrounding email marketing as well as how you can move past them and start connecting with your list in a deeper way. Listen in to learn more.

In this episode:

[01:07] Learn all about Bev Feldman, the tech fairy!

[02:10] Bev shares more about her background and how she started on this path. 

[04:26] How she moved into the tech space from making jewelry. 

[07:39] You aren’t going to annoy people if you send them emails. They want to hear from you!

[10:47] Myth number two is that email marketing automation is impersonal. It’s simply not true. 

[12:03] If you want your emails to be more personal, invite them to respond to the email. 

[15:07] The third myth is that it’s going to take too long and it’s too complicated. 

[16:28] Email marketing and automation doesn’t have to all be done at one time. Start small. 

[17:44] What’s the best first step when starting email marketing and automation? 

[20:47] Is it okay to start on a smaller platform?

[22:27] Do templated emails convert as well as completely unique emails? 

[25:07] Ways to move past writer’s block for your emails. 

[27:03] What would you say to that one person? Write your emails to them. 

[28:15] How does Bev empower her clients to use their email service provider? 

[32:05] Connect with Bev. 

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