Episode 26: The Power of Accountability

The power of accountability is huge. If you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, creatively tapped, or just aren’t sure where to go next, an accountability partner can help keep you moving forward. Listen in to learn the three things that hold us back from having accountability partners and what you can do to build more of those relationships. 

The number one thing holding us back from building lasting accountability relationships is our ego. That’s right. Our own egocentric psychology keeps us stuck. We are raised to believe that we can do it all, and realizing that we can’t is a huge blow. 

Ditch the ego and you’ll be well on your way to lasting support. 

Do you fear rejection? So often we don’t even ask someone to hold us accountable because we fear the possibility of them saying no. Push past the fear. Most people would love to have an accountability partner themselves. Just ask!

Sometimes we actually fear accountability itself. We have to lose the excuses and actually do the things. This in and of itself keeps us from reaching out. You don’t want to let anyone down so instead you never ask in the first place.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

If you’re nodding your head yes, check out the like below and join us in one of our weekly co-working sessions. Each week like clockwork me and around 10-15 motivated ladies get together to get things done. If you want to baby step into full on accountability, this is the way!

Listen in to hear all the amazing nuggets and join us! We’re ready to help you move forward in business and life!

In this episode:

[01:28] Learn the power of accountability. 

[01:43] Your ego is holding you back. Learn more. 

[03:57] Do you fear rejection? Is that fear keeping you from thriving? 

[05:19] Join our co-working sessions!

[05:51] Sometimes we fear when people actually hold us accountable. 

[08:48] Ways you can dip your toe in the pool of accountability. 

[09:35] Don’t just write down the goal, begin to write out the steps to achieve it.

[11:47] It’s important to dig into the reasons why you think you can’t do something. 

[14:30] Asking for help and support is not a sign of weakness. 

[16:22] I challenge you to ask someone to keep you accountable. 

[16:56] Learn more about our weekly co-working sessions. 

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