Episode 25: Brain-Based Business Breakthroughs with Jen Casey

Jen Casey is a brain-based business coach, speaker, & host of the top-rated CEO Psyche Podcast. Through her signature program, Programs that Profit, Jen teaches her brain-based approach to build, sell, & effectively facilitate a profitable online coaching program.

She’s joining me to explain subconscious programming and how it affects our businesses. 

Her spark came when she realized she was done living life by other people’s rules. She graduated with a degree in psychology and knew that there was a better way to do life than the status quo. 

She has learned how to marry subconscious reprogramming with helping women build soul-aligned businesses that feed their families and their hearts. Her clients break through generational programming to build lives they love. 

Listen as she shares some of the research around how our brains process the world and retain programming over generations.

She also digs into ways we can rewrite our programming and overcome the stories we have told ourselves.

In this episode:

[00:01] We’re making some changes on the Creative Conversations with Marylin Podcast!

[02:02] Welcome Jen Casey to the show to talk about all things brain-based business breakthroughs. 

[03:29] Jen shares the spark that illuminated her purpose in brain-based business building. 

[08:45] The first thing I purchased of Jen’s was the hypnosis and it was life-changing. 

[10:00] Learn more about the foundation of Jen’s approach to business building. 

[13:04] We’re all always filtering whatever is happening around us. 

[17:00] How does she find her alignment amongst all of the “shoulds” of business? 

[19:13] Why you have to stay away from the “shoulds” and do things that align with you.

[21:52] What does Jen have coming up that she’s super excited about? 

[26:10] The first steps you should take on shifting your subconscious programming. 

[30:10] Jen explains subconscious programming through a study done with monkey’s and behavior. 

[33:51] Your thoughts and energy are imprinted through generational programming and genealogy.

[38:43] When did you decide that? 

[39:51] Connect with Jen.

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