Episode 24: Do The D.A.M.N. Thing with Bevin Farrand

Through the grief of loss, Bevin Farrand has found her way to acceptance while building a thriving business. She is living life on her terms and no longer succumbs to the idea that things can be put off until tomorrow. Listen in to hear her story and why you need to just do the D.A.M.N thing. 

For her 40th birthday Bevin’s husband planned a trip to France just for them. They had the tickets and the trip all lined out when Bevin was suddenly laid off from their job. As their trip approached they asked themselves whether or not they should still go, but they decided to take the damn trip. 

They had an amazing time and were completely on top of the world. When they came back it was Thanksgiving and they had a wonderful holiday, but the next day tragedy struck. Her husband passed away unexpectedly leaving her and their two children here on Earth. 

She could have sunk into the depths of depression, but instead she found strength through her grief. She continued to build her business and now she’s sharing her story to help more people take action in their lives. 

Listen in as she shares her story as well as why she decided to go ahead and complete IVF to have their third child. She is a powerhouse of positivity and it was a joy to have this chance to speak with her.

What have you been putting on the back burner? Maybe it’s time you took the D.A.M.N. trip!

In this episode:

[01:18] Welcome to the show, Bevin!

[02:01] She shares why she started her business.

[04:43] One week after their dream trip to France, she unexpectedly lost her husband.

[07:28] Bevin discusses how the D.A.M.N. framework began.

[08:59] Listen as she defines what D.A.M.N. means.

[09:01] D is for decide and declare.

[11:51] A is for attend your own party.

[14:43] M is for meaningful moments.

[20:14] Bevin talks about the 5 languages of love.

[24:55] She speaks about framing questions in the right way to make clear what you need.

[26:26] N is for now is the time. Tomorrow is not promised.

[27:38] She teaches micro actions so that it’s not as daunting.

[30:24] Bevin discusses five-year plans and how to make it happen.

[33:02] The difference between perfectionists and people who are making money is that they are just doing it.

[36:14] She talks about going ahead with her dream of having a third child with the embryos she and her husband had frozen.

[39:29] We can’t control what happens to us. We can only respond to it.

[42:05] Fear is a useful emotion, but we confuse it with anxiety.

[45:06] She shares where we can find her and a course she has launched.

[46:11] Thank you for being on the show and sharing your story.

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