Episode 23: Productivity Tech You Need with Kristen Westcott

Are you dealing with productivity issues in your business? Kristen Westcott has a knack for finding those productivity issues and fixing them or helping you work through them. Listen as she shares the productivity tech you need in your business and why it’s important even if you’re just starting out. 

Kristen started her career in corporate and then transitioned into health coaching after having her daughter. She maintained her corporate job but knew she wanted to do something more and to have more time at home. 

What she found as she was communicating with other businesswomen and entrepreneurs however is that she wasn’t focused on the health of their bodies so much as the health of their businesses. 

She decided to get her certification as a Director of Operations and become an instrumental part of creating systems and processes that help six and seven figure business owners make it to the next level.

Listen as she shares her story and which tech products you need regardless of what stage you’re in with your business. These recommendations will save you tons of time and money and help you stay on track with your goals. 

Are you already using some of these? Which do you still need to implement?

In this episode:

[00:49] Welcome to the show, Kristen!

[00:59] Kristen shares her journey to becoming a Director of Operations.

[06:34] She believes when you first start out you can follow too many people and then you end up trying to force things instead of what comes naturally.

[08:04] Let things come from a place of service and the rest will flow.

[09:17] Kristen shares the tools she believes people starting out should use that will grow with them.

[13:18] She talks about the very basic things you will need to keep track of your day to day work.

[17:24] You need a digital calendar that functions as your home base that will go with you wherever you go.

[21:23] She also suggests getting a meeting link like Zoom, and a shared drive for storage of documents.

[25:15] Once you have the basic tools, the next pain point is learning how to prioritize what needs to get done.

[28:02] So many people get caught up over content creation but she believes you should just go live and be real.

[30:20] We allow our mindsets to make mountains out of very simple things.

[32:38] Get started anyway the juices will start flowing.

[32:54] If you are in the mood, shoot your video as the inspiration comes to you and put it in your bank.

[36:22] Kristen shares some things you can do today to help be more consistent with your productivity.

[40:18] Thank you for being on the show!

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