Episode 22: Pivoting with Products with Liani Antelo

Just because you start a business in one way doesn’t mean that you have to keep running it in that way. Liani Antelo has been making pivots in her businesses for years and because of her willingness to make changes, has seen massive growth. 

Her first business venture involved creating bows. She was tired of the overpriced bows she was buying for her daughter so she decided to make them. After posting pictures of her daughter on Instagram, a flood of requests for custom bows came in. 

The more requests she got the more she realized that she could create a business out of this need. She doubled down and started charging and created A Darling Bowtique. What she initially didn’t anticipate was the decline of her blossoming bow market. 

Instead of caving however, she began to create different products. She started doing screen print shirts and various corporate and small business requests. Later on, when competitors were unable to deliver on their orders, she would create orders for them as well and turned her business into a partial wholesale operation. 

Then the pandemic hit and she made another switch. Listen as she shares her story and why she believes her ability to pivot with products is what has made her a successful entrepreneur. 

Is your business in need of a pivot? After listening to this episode, let me know what kinds of pivots you could make to stay relevant in your market.

In this episode:

[01:00] Welcome to the show, Liani!

[01:04] She shares her background and what she is doing now.

[03:09] She discusses how she started a bow shop.

[04:32] Liani tells herself that she runs a business, not a charity.

[07:42] She pivoted her products and added an athletic line for boys.

[10:54] She has become more of a wholesaler for bigger name brand stores. She turned her competitors into clients.

[13:19] It was a hustle every day, and she always remains thankful.

[16:48] She speaks about another pivot she made during the pandemic into making masks.

[21:38] It’s all about not being hung up on one product.

[26:01] Everyone was in survival mode in 2020 and had to focus on what they could control.

[28:23] Liani says the one piece of advice she tells people is to just start.

[32:15] Reach out to people that can help you.

[34:18] Thank you for being on the show!

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