Episode 21: Intuitively Upleveling Your Biz with Jennifer McGurk

Are you ready to scale or make a change in your business but you’re just not sure where to start? What if you were to intuitively uplevel your business through creating offers that fall in line with your area expertise? Jennifer McGurk joins me to discuss just that and why scaling doesn’t have to mean creating something new. 

Jennifer is a registered dietitian who has specialized in eating disorder recovery. She loves being able to work with clients to shift their beliefs and perspectives around food and to approach life and health with confidence.

She started her own practice in 2011 and since then has continued to add support and growth to her business by keeping her focus on registered dietitian’s and her clients. She now has a group practice and has enjoyed mentoring other dietitian’s in building their own businesses.

Listen as she shares her journey and why keeping all of her business ventures in the realm of her area of expertise. Everything from her practice, to her coaching, to her online membership and business mentoring revolves around her initial business model which makes creating multiple streams of income very easy. 

In what ways can you tap into what you’re already doing to build additional income.

In this episode:

[01:03] Welcome to the show, Jennifer!

[01:42] She shares her background and what she is doing now.

[05:20] A body positive relationship with food and body is what she stands for.

[06:29] “Consistently good is better than occasionally perfect.” 

[08:18] Don’t be afraid. If you have a message or a mission, it’s okay to tell people what you stand for.

[10:05] Jennifer speaks about the transition from 1:1 to 1: many and why she made the pivot.

[13:30] Her private practice isn’t online and they don’t need social media to market it.

[17:43] She talks about the membership model she used when she launched Pursuing Private Practice.

[19:51] She discusses what happened to her group course during the pandemic.

[22:17] Memberships offer accountability and community.

[23:14] They talk about the psychology behind Dana’s Pie of Engagement.

[24:57] Jennifer gives her best advice for the first step in starting your own business.

[28:03] Thank you for being on the show!

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