Episode 20: Bet On Yourself with Kevlyn Walsh

Working 24/7 is for the birds. Unless part of that work is something that you’re super passionate about. Kevlyn Walsh was working as a teacher, hostessing at a restaurant, and building her own Festive Gal empire all at the same time. When the time came to finally pick a path, she decided to bet on herself and went all in with Festive Gal.

The big hang up? She went all in right as the pandemic was starting up. After months of doing really well with party crowns and festive goodies, her shop dried up. This was right around her birthday and rather than cave to the fear, she made her very own pandemic worthy birthday party crown. 

That decision changed her life and her business dramatically. 

Listen as she shares how she thought up Festive Gal, why she went all in, and her thoughts on why it’s important to lean into your skills and work for the things that give you joy. We also dig into the technical side of marketing and why using Etsy initially is great, but that at some point, you need your own digital space. 

Do you have an amazing idea that you’re just itching to share with the world? Listen in and learn how you can make your dreams a reality.

In this episode:

[01:03] Welcome to the show, Kevlyn!

[01:30] She shares her journey from an art teacher to a creative entrepreneur.

[05:40] Listen as she talks about creating party crowns to revive her business during the pandemic shutdown.

[09:41] Kevlyn launched the crowns at the perfect time and it took off.

[11:45] She discusses her transition from selling only on Etsy to moving things to her website.

[14:30] Etsy is a great way to jumpstart your business then transition to your own website.

[15:27] The data you can get from your own website is so much better than what 3rd party websites have.

[18:01] Kevlyn wishes she had started her website sooner because it’s the best way to direct traffic.

[19:52] She shares how the accountability side of being coached with me helped her meet her goals.

[22:19] Having support from a business coach who knew what to do was priceless.

[25:10] She has seen amazing conversions by emailing her list about sales that she had running.

[29:30] A product based business allows you to mold your offers to what is coming up.

[30:05] Kevlyn talks to her former art teacher self and shares what she would tell her now.

[32:48] Bet on yourself!

[33:05] Thank you for being on the show!

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