Episode 19: Budgeting Basics with Emily Bowie

How are you with your finances? Do you have every dime budgeted and given a purpose or do you close your eyes and pray that everything shakes out? If you’re in that second category, you’re not alone. Not by a long shot. Listen as Emily Bowie shares her budgeting basics and why she fully believes that when you take control of your money, you take control of your life.

Emily has a background in public accounting but notes that it’s a job that will suck the life and soul out of you. She began looking for other interests and found Beach Body. She had no intention of truly building a business, but then it took off. That’s when she realized that she could do and build more. 

She became a certified financial coach and began helping others to get out of debt and take back their lives. 

Listen as she shares her story and why she’s so passionate about helping women to take control of their finances. Plus she’s giving tips on how you can get started with a financial evolution in your own life and business.

In this episode:

[01:27] Welcome to the show, Emily!

[01:53] She shares her background and the transition to becoming a certified financial coach.

[04:51] Her journey has taught her to stay the course and be open.

[06:35] There are seasons of sacrifice, there are times it’s not fun, but it’s always worth it.

[09:08] Emily discusses why she believes we avoid the numbers and get ourselves in debt.

[10:39] If you take the time to track the income and spending, you can be in a much better place.

[13:44] She gives us all some advice on how to course correct when we exceed our budgets.

[16:45] “The biggest thing we are fighting every single day is instant gratification.”

[20:33] Convenience allows us to buy without thinking, which in the end puts us in a worse position because we have to recover.

[22:34] Emily is passionate about telling people how easy it can be and helping them feel like they can take control.

[24:51] Just because you have money coming in does not make you financially afloat.

[26:27] When you get on a budget, it can feel like you’ve gotten a pay raise.

[28:20] If you have control of your finances, you will learn how to become disciplined with your fitness.

[32:05] Thank you for being on the show!

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