Episode 18: Start The Etsy Shop with Amy Bennett

Do you journal? So many people swear by it, but how do you get started and what’s the right practice for you? Amy Bennett loves all things Bullet Journaling but realizes that it’s sometimes hard to get started. That’s why she started her Etsy shop selling Bullet Journal stencils!

Her business has grown since then and includes so much more, but it all started with her love of journaling and realizing that more people would do it if they knew how to start. Once she realized the need, she set to work creating resources to help women aspiring to add journaling to their daily lives. 

She didn’t start off with journal stencils however. Like most Etsy owners her initial interests were far different, but when she started journaling she saw a huge positive shift in her life. She began joining journaling groups and realized that there was a very large gap in the journaling market.

Enter Moxie Dorie and her business partner Kris and they have since filled that gap. Listen as she shares her story and why it’s possible for you to turn your passions into an income generator as well. Just start the Etsy shop and keep innovating. When you look back you’ll be surprised how far you’ve come.

In this episode:

[00:59] Welcome to the show, Amy!

[01:27] She shares her background and what she does.

[02:11] Amy discusses bullet journaling and what it is.

[04:16] She speaks about how she creates the journal stencils.

[07:03] Six years ago they started selling bullet journals in an Etsy shop.

[09:39] She talks about opening many shops on Etsy and what they were.

[14:37] Amy discusses closing their Etsy shop and transitioning it all to their website.

[16:56] Because she and her partner both bullet journal, she believes that is how they connect with their customers.

[19:06] They created a Facebook group that has grown to twenty-seven thousand people.

[21:10] Don’t just accept anyone into your group, allow only those people who feel fit.

[24:41] When people share in the group, she feels like that’s when they trust.

[26:58] Amy speaks about using their MoxieDori platform to make mask extenders they shipped to hospitals and nursing facilities.

[30:57] She created an Etsy course for people who needed help with setting up or improving their sales in an Etsy shop.

[34:34] I want everyone listening to see all the ways you can make shifts or pivots in your life.

[35:09] Amy shares some encouragement for anyone who wants to open an Etsy shop.

[36:16] Thank you for being on the show!

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