Episode 17: Getting Out of Your Own Way with Valerie Friedlander

You are your own worst enemy. How many times have you heard that phrase and thought, “Man that’s so true!”? Your fear is the only thing holding you back and it’s time to stop! Valerie Friedlander has been doing personal development work for years and is now a business coach helping female entrepreneurs to get out of their own way.

Valerie was exposed to personal development very early on and knew the value but didn’t know how to help others. She set out on her corporate journey but found quickly that something was missing. This led to her own journey of discovery and finding her way into corporate coaching. 

Corporate coaching helped her to figure out how to vision for her own life and how to really find out who she was and what she wanted. She’s now using those corporate coaching chops to help female entrepreneurs. 

Listen as she shares her story and why you may be the obstacle you’re trying to overcome. She’s sharing so many amazing nuggets of wisdom and things to think about as you approach building your own business. Don’t miss out on this one!

In this episode:

[00:58] Welcome to the show, Valerie!

[01:32] She shares her journey into coaching.

[07:20] Your children pick up habits from watching what you do.

[09:47] Getting out of your own way is just listening to yourself and knowing what you want.

[12:29] It’s normal to have fear.

[15:48] You can’t break chains, you don’t see.

[16:47] Valerie speaks about how you can figure out if the thoughts you are having are yours or what someone else laid on you.

[22:04] Fear tells us we are not good enough or valuable enough to be deserving unless we have everything organized and on point.

[25:41] Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

[29:01] If you remove everything from the room, you can then bring back things that support you and are what you want.

[31:17] She says her work isn’t about advising, it’s about helping you discern for yourself.

[34:07] This past year has been like a reflection period of analysing your life, programs and systems.

[35:34] Start by thinking about what you need to invite clients into your life. 

[37:38] Thank you for being on the show!

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