Episode 16: Bake It Til You Make It with Jessica Ciraulo

What do you do when you’re struggling with milk supply due to latch issues? You create your very own amazing lactation cookies. How do you turn that into a thriving business that helps moms all over the country? Listen as Jessica Ciraulo shares her story of baking it until she made it. 

When Jessica was pregnant with her first she knew that she wanted to breastfeed. What she didn’t realize was just how difficult her journey would be. Her baby had not one but two ties that were causing pretty significant latch issues. 

Because her breast was never fully emptied, the latch issues became supply issues, but she was determined to keep going. Instead of giving up she tried out some generic milk-boosting lactation cookies and realized that she could make them much much better. 

Fast-forward to her neighbor having supply issues and Jessica sharing her cookies. Not only did they work for her neighbor as well, they realized that the cookies could work for women everywhere. 

Jessica shares how she took her delicious cookies and turned them into a thriving business that has only grown since she started honing in her TikTok strategy. Her most important advice? Make real connections with people and have a product that truly solves a problem.

She’s also diving deep into selling on Amazon and what you should know before you apply!

In this episode:

[00:50] Welcome to the show, Jessica!

[01:38] Jessica shares her background and her journey to owning MilkBliss.

[04:30] She developed a recipe for lactation cookies.

[07:30] Learn how hard it is to find the products for her cookies.

[09:27] Why it’s important to listen to your customers.

[11:46] How to get your products sold on Amazon and what you need to do.

[17:23] Learn how she got started on TikTok and her strategy.

[20:00] When something on TikTok goes viral it’s like a lightning strike.

[22:04] She saw a huge rise in sales when her TikTok videos started going viral.

[25:20] Sometimes, at the moment, posts hit more people than planned videos do.

[28:05] You can reach more people on TikTok than you can on Instagram.

[33:38] Why she chose to create a business TikTok account.

[37:37] Get uncomfortable and put yourself in the position to create videos.

[41:46] Thank you for being on the show!

[42:00] Now my takeaways for this episode.

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