Episode 15: The Perfectionist Trap with Dr. Eva Benmeleh

Your kid already has an inner mean voice. No matter if they are 3 or 13, they are dealing with big emotions and feelings of failure already. Some of that stems from the conversations you have around them, so how do we break out of the perfectionist trap? Dr. Eva Benmeleh joins me to chat about just that. 

So why do we feel the need to exhibit perfection? Many times it stems from a feeling of not feeling good enough in the first place, so we strive to erase that feeling by doing everything right. 

Dr. Eva shares all the traits that most perfectionists exhibit and I’ll bet, if you’re a business owner, you probably have some or all of them. She’s also digging into ways that you can stop the cycle of perfection and start being more kind to yourself. 

The things you say and model for yourself are the same things that your kids pick up on. If you’re not willing to do the work for yourself, then definitely start doing the work for them. It’s time to break out of the perfectionist trap and start beating back your inner mean girl.

In this episode:

[01:10] Welcome to the show, Dr. Eva!

[02:21] Dr. Eva shares her background and why she specialized in working with perfectionism.

[05:11] A lot of procrastinators are perfectionists.

[06:32] Learn some things that can jolt you out of that cycle.

[09:43] Showing up and putting yourself out there is a big win.

[11:41] When parents reach out to her for their children, usually the parents get more out of the sessions.

[14:17] Navigating the imposter syndrome or mean girl voice that our children are feeling and hearing.

[16:42] How the pandemic has affected her business and made people more aware of mental health.

[19:27] We chat about how we connected and the amazing work she’s done in my family’s lives.

[21:42] She works with women who are small business owners.

[22:22] Listen as Dr. Eva shares some perfectionism that she sees around money.

[25:32] If you are asking for permission, you are already walking in without the power to decide.

[28:18] If we can shift our words, we can shift our perception.

[29:06] Thank you for being on the show!

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