Episode 14: Starting New By Building Connections with Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson is a well known branding photographer based out of California. Thing is, life in California isn’t what it used to be so she and her family have decided to book it out east to Tennessee. Listen as she shares how she’s managed to find clients and start new by building connections.

She has actually lived in California her entire life. As things have changed over the years though she realized she wanted something new for her family. Being a business owner however, she kept thinking about how difficult it would be to start over. 

Then she realized, she’s not starting over, she’s starting new. Her skills as a branding photographer didn’t magically disappear. All of her knowledge of marketing, hashtags, and making connections didn’t go away. Moving to a new state did not mean starting her business over at all. 

We chat all about her mindset shift and what she has done to build a customer base in her new state, before she’s moved a single box. This was a fantastic conversation, despite me having a child on my lap and multiple interruptions. That’s just life sometimes. 

It’s also one of the reasons both Nicole and I have our own businesses! You truly won’t want to miss this one!

In this episode:

[01:07] Welcome to the show, Nicole!

[01:55] Why her family is moving from California to Tennessee.

[04:11] How she specialized in brand photography.

[07:01] It’s important to make genuine connections. Learn why.

[10:47] Nicole says she is very thankful for social media and how it has helped her business.

[12:00] Nicole speaks about proving her income to a home loan officer.

[14:45] Brand photography is much more than headshots and she wants to teach other photographers how to tell the brand story.

[17:01] As an entrepreneur you must always create content.

[19:54] When she started posting photos of herself and posting things about herself, her business blew up.

[23:41] The ability to put yourself out there and ask for what you want will separate you from your competitors.

[25:52] Nicole shares what as a business owner has been her biggest takeaway from moving and starting new.

[27:45] Stop thinking you have to create new content every day, repurpose.

[29:27] Thank you for being on the show!

[30:04] Now I am going to share my takeaways from this episode.

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