Episode 13: Becoming a Positive Parent with Jennifer Altieri

Positive parenting solutions have been sweeping the nation in recent years as we learn more about child and adult psychology. Jennifer Altieri started implementing positive parenting in her own household just before her children hit their teen years, and their lives changed dramatically.

She’s now sharing her story and her advice with other parents to help them find the right solutions for them and their households. 

Does that make her a perfect parent? Absolutely not. However there is a beauty in choosing discussion over anger when decisions are being made both by you and your children. 

Listen as she shares her story as well as tips and advice you can start implementing today to shift the narrative in your household. If you constantly feel like you’re yelling and that your children never listen, this is the episode for you!
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In this episode:

[01:13] Welcome to the show, Jennifer!

[02:24] Jennifer shares her background and what sparked her to focus on positive parenting.

[04:40] There are no perfect parents. The goal is to be a better parent every day.

[07:10] Jennifer thinks that there are three foundational pillars to raising your kids and keeping your sanity. Balance, Integrity and Flexibility. 

[10:25] Jennifer says we get to model what we want your kids to be.

[11:32] Jennifer shares a tool you can use today to limit a reactive response.

[14:22] Jennifer recommends that you have a family meeting weekly.

[17:40] Usually when kids hit about four, they are ready for family meetings.

[18:41] Jennifer talks about her Summer Reboot for Moms she is launching this summer.

[20:53] Thank you for being on the show!

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