Episode 12: 2020 Vision in 2021 with Dr. Giannie Castellanos

From being an amazing employee to later realizing that her path lay in another direction, Giannie Castellanos has built multiple businesses. Despite loving her positions within other practices, she knew that she was destined for more. Listen as she shares her story and how she’s built multiple businesses around her passion for optometrist. 

Giannie is an amazing optometrist. She takes the time to dig into the history and find the root cause of your vision issues. For many years, she was perfectly happy lending her skills and expertise to a practice that was not her own. 

Then when she was ousted while renegotiating her contract, she knew that while that door closed, another one had opened. Her father in law helped her to open her own practice and then she realized that she loved working with her own patients. 

Fast-forward and she now has a boutique optometry office with a sweets shop attached and she’s created an online referral portal for doctors in her area. The Chiasm is the solution to one huge issue in healthcare, referral partnerships and continuance of care. 

Giannie is sharing it all and why she has felt so driven to continue to work her businesses even when they are building into their profit. She gets real about the difference between creating a business and creating a lucrative business. We also chat about taking the time to take care of yourself. 

We had a fantastic conversation and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

In this episode:

[01:09] Welcome to the show, Giannie!

[03:14] Giannie shares her background and the journey to opening her own practice.

[06:40] Giannie discusses how important it is to have experiences and inspirations in life.

[09:09] She believes that when you surround yourself with the right people, it makes it easier to take the risk.

[10:40] Changes in the medical profession.

[12:40] Creating her digital referral portal that connects doctors when they have to refer patients called The Chiasm.

[15:27] Just because Giannie has two practices and the referral platform, doesn’t mean they are all lucrative, but she feels they will be in the long run.

[17:46] She has managed her business because she has layered them in the same profession and she has the support she needs from family and friends.

[19:13] Giannie shares why she is so motivated to succeed.

[22:32] However you hold space for others, hold space for yourself.

[23:15] Her idea of an after-hours club for women to go in the evening once the kids are in bed.

[26:32] Giannie discusses the quarterly marketing events Chiasm has for its doctors.

[29:07] The referral is the first step; it’s up to the doctor to create the experience.

[31:48] I share a story about a time I put coke cans in my bra and made lasting connections with other women.

[33:46] Her advice for doctors that want to expand their practice.

[34:43] Thank you for being on the show!

[34:56] Here are my takeaways from the episode.

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