Episode 11: Start the Subscription Box with Julie Ball

“Progress over perfection.” – Julie Ball

Julie Ball is an amazing human being but also a fantastic business owner. From owning her own digital marketing company to switching over to subscription boxes, she knows what she’s doing and is always excited to share her knowledge with others. Listen as she shares her story and share all the nuggets of inspiration. 

Sparkle Hustle Grow was not the first business venture Julie stepped into. She first had a digital marketing agency that was extremely successful. After she moved from one town to another however, she felt the need for community. 

She started subscribing to subscription boxes and realized that happy mail was her new favorite. It got her mind working on an issue that she was facing herself. She wanted more community with other female entrepreneurs, but she also wanted to spread her love of happy mail. 

Listen in as she shares more about her journey and why she’s so passionate about the recurring revenue model. No matter if you have a traditional subscription worthy product or service, there is always a way to incorporate your very own recurring revenue facet. 

If you’re ready to share your very own subscription box idea with the world, check out Julie’s podcast, Subscription Box Basics, and consider joining Subscription Box Bootcamp.

In this episode:

[01:20] Welcome back to the show and welcome Julie Ball to share more about her story and business. 

[02:45] What was the spark that made her want to start her own subscription box? 

[05:43] The lessons she learned as she pre-launched Sparkle Hustle Grow. 

[08:07] Not only is this the #bestbusinessexpenseever, it’s also an amazing visibility booster for everyone featured in the box. 

[10:58] Why the recurring revenue model has been a game changer for so many business owners. 

[12:13] There is room for more boxes. Which is why Julie is a box mentor! Learn more. 

[15:01] If you’re tired of chasing down new sales, then a subscription box may be for you.

[17:46] Ready to get started? Check out Julie’s podcast!

[21:45] There are boxes out there for everyone. If you have an idea, you could be changing lives. 

[23:58] Boxes can also be used to strengthen client relationships. 

[26:02] Always remember to keep it simple.

[29:13] How your box and business can and should evolve as your customer grows with you. 

[31:18] You’re running a personal race. Stop comparing yourself to others in the space. 

[33:42] My takeaways from our conversation.

Links & Resources:

Connect with Julie:

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Connect with Marylin:

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**Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Box (Get 10% off your 1st box!)

**Subscription Box Bootcamp

**These are affiliate links. That being said, I fully believe in everything Julie is putting out into the world. Both her own subscription box and the course are amazing resources for all female entrepreneurs.

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