Episode 8: Creating Growth Through Birth Charts and Astrology with Lexie Wilson

There is no such thing as failure in launching. There is only the gathering of information for future tweaks and growth. Do you feel the same? Lexie Wilson found her entrepreneurial purpose and drive through birth charts and astrology. Listen as she shares how the woo has changed her life.

Lexie grew up in a very religious family who felt that spirituality and astrology were created by the devil. However she continued to feel drawn to all things spiritual and woo. 

Little did she know that her birth chart was rooted in spirituality. After leaving home and finding the space to study and dig into astrology, she truly found her passion. However she wasn’t sure how to make money from it or if it was even possible. 

After we attended the Raising Influence Conference this year, she decided to go for it. She started posting on Instagram openings for birth chart readings and what happened next was incredible. She went from nervous about offering something that seemed a little “out there” for business owners, to being fully booked out for months on end.

Listen in to hear her story and why she’s so passionate about all things woo. She’s sharing more about how she created her offers and what she’s done since to find true success within her purpose.

Check the links if you’d like to schedule your own birth chart and astrology reading!

In this episode:

[00:35] Welcome and learn more about Lexie Wilson. 

[01:31] How did Lexie get into astrology? 

[04:00] Learn more about the birth charts she started doing for close friends.

[05:57] Why Lexie almost didn’t launch her readings and why she’s so happy she did. 

[07:37] What she means when she says that our triggers are mirrors. 

[09:25] More about the launch of her readings and what led up to it.

[14:55] There’s no such thing as failure. It’s all just data. 

[16:44] Timing is everything. You may not be ready to receive the manifestations right now. 

[20:08] Post the thing. You never know who is watching and learning without engaging. 

[25:02] People are waiting for you, so start talking about your passions. 

[26:28] How birth charts impact business building.

[31:12] Learn more about how Lexie explains the birth chart in relation to life and business. 

[34:07] Connect with Lexie.

Links & Resources:

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Raising Influence

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