Episode 6: Purposeful Eating with Karla Salinari

What are your thoughts about food? Love it? Hate it? Meh? I love food. I love it when a good meal comes together with good people making amazing memories. But does good food have to be bad for you? Karla Salinari says no! She is a health coach and foodie who is working to help her clients start eating with purpose.

Karla and I both grew up in Latino households. The same households that made us eat everything on our plates, no matter what those items were, and then chastised us for gaining weight. 

We know that our parents and their parents were only doing what they thought was best for us, but that type of emotion around food is toxic. 

Karla didn’t realize the extent of the toxicity until she gained too much weight during her pregnancy with her daughter. It was as she was trying to regain her footing with food that she realized how toxic her relationship was to it. 

Listen as she tells her story and then explains the ways she’s working to break through cultural beliefs and shift the balance toward purposeful eating. Plus she’s created an amazing cookbook that will help you eat all your favorites, in a healthy way!

Food is meant to be enjoyed, but it is also meant to fuel your body. What kind of fuel are you putting in your tank?

In this episode:

[01:55] Welcome to the show, Karla!

[02:06] She’s a flexitarian when it comes to food and purposeful eating.

[03:00] Learn about her background and why she’s so passionate about food and health.

[06:32] We chat about the culture we grew up in.

[09:31] Karla started making changes because of the amount of weight she gained during pregnancy.

[13:17] Learn about coaching clients in the health space.

[16:33] If you have the education, then you have the tools to choose wisely.

[19:12] If you eat something that works with you instead of against you, you will naturally gravitate toward it.

[22:42] Your body needs nutrients to operate.

[24:02] The second most important thing is the relationship we have with our bodies.

[29:55] Why she designed her 6-month program.

[34:06] How her business continues to evolve.

[37:10] Only do the social media that feels right to you. Do one thing and do it well.

[39:37] Once she shifted the content she was producing to more of a service base, everything changed.

[42:04] She has a cookbook coming out AND it’s in both English and Spanish.

[45:53] Thank you for being on the show!

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