Episode 5: Systems Are Sexy with Amy Lockrin


When you think about the backend of your business, do you feel a sense of panic or peace? If you’re panicking, you’re not alone. Amy Lockrin is a systems guru who has a knack for taking a super messy backend and making sexy systems that support your business and your goals.

Listen as she shares why so many new, and established, business owners see the backend of their business as an insurmountable task list that kills their creativity. Her view? When your systems are working together and you’ve started to automate those repetitive tasks, you’ll take back hours of your time.

What does that mean for your business? More time to sit in your zone of genius and less time struggling with things that should be on autopilot!

Amy has spent years helping 6 and 7-figure businesses owners grow their businesses in a way that supports them rather than drains them. Plus, I have personally been on the receiving end of her expertise. The changes we implemented in my own business gave me the freedom to do the things I love.

So if you’re keeping your backend on the backburner, listen in and I hope you feel empowered to see that systems are sexy! You just need to bring your sexy back.

In this episode:

[00:57] Welcome to the show, Amy!

[01:46] Amy shares what caused the creative spark in her to start her own business.

[03:35] When we met and how much Amy has helped my businesses.

[05:33] It all boils down to connection, and when you are passionate about what you are doing, people can see it.

[09:15] The things she loves to do and coaching people to scale their businesses.

[12:30] Make a list of things that annoy you and that you just don’t want to do in your business, which is keeping you from growing.

[13:40] Stick to your zone of genius.

[15:14] What she does when she first works with a new client and the first steps to them loving their business again.

[18:13] Everyone needs people to support them and believe in them without judgment.

[19:06] Amy shares when she believes your company is ready to hire someone to help.

[20:00] Document everywhere you are spending your time.

[22:16] Thank you for being on the show!

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