Episode 3: Start The Blog with Jenise Subervi

Believe it or not, Jenise Subervi didn’t start her blog to start a movement or build a business. Like many other bloggers, she needed connection. After being a teacher for many years and building her own family, she needed a place where she could talk about things that were important to her… so she made her own space. 

A Toddler & A Topknot started out as a place to hang out but it wasn’t long before it became so much more. Jenise kept creating amazing content and sharing it within her own circles and it grew and grew and grew. 

She was later approached by various brands to write posts on their products and that’s when she realized that she could truly take her blog to new heights. It hasn’t been easy and she’s certainly fallen into some of the traps and pitfalls that all new bloggers do, but she has persevered and is changing the lives of her family.

Listen as she shares all about her story and her life and why lifestyle blogging isn’t for everyone. However you have a voice and there is something you’re meant for. It’s time to find it. 

Jenise is a joy to follow and get to know. Her constant positivity and the light she shines into the world are infectious. If you’re ready for some inspiration, then take a moment and listen in! Plus if you’re looking to start a blog, you’ll get all the inside info from a top blogger.

In this episode:

[01:06] Welcome to the show, Jenise!

[01:51] All about being a lifestyle blogger and connecting with people.

[04:45] Not everything is going to work for everyone. You have to find what works for you.

[06:41] She still has struggles. Learn all about them.

[09:07] How she used her blog to share resources when the pandemic started.

[10:26] Why she monetized her blog.

[13:48] Instagram Stories is what makes her feel connected with her followers.

[17:50] She has a new freebie! Learn how you can get it and what her plans are in the coming months.

[18:50] She started a podcast with a friend of hers about their journey to becoming friends.

[21:14] If you have something to say, people will listen.

[23:13] Her two biggest pieces of advice about starting a blog.

[24:40] Thank you for being on the show!

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