Episode 2: Intuition in Your Business with Billy Alice

Have you ever felt like someone, somewhere is trying to tell you something? A gut feeling that is pulling you toward one action or another? According to Billy Alice those are your guides and they’re directing you toward your intention and goals. 

Billy is the science-y spiritualist and she brings together logic, quantum physics, and “woo” to help entrepreneurs realize their big goals. How did she find her way to this path? After some huge life changes, she lost her purpose and lost her way, and finding her guides helped her through. 

You see energy is ever flowing. It is never truly changed; it simply flows from one thing to the next causing small changes over time. Billy helps you use your energy and the energy around you to discover what your intuition is telling you. 

This topic is fascinating and if you’ve been wanting to dig deeper into your own spiritual journey, you won’t want to miss out on this. I personally have always been super logical and would previously have said I was about .5% woo, but the way Billy talks about manifestation and intentionality makes perfect sense. 

The best part is, she’s living her work. Listen in to learn more!

In this episode:

[02:08] Welcome to the show, Billy!

[03:15] Billy shares her origin story.

[07:15] The little nudges and feelings we feel are our guides directing us, and we need to open ourselves up to receive the message.

[08:23] Billy chats about her business and the work that she does.

[10:56] Intuition is our powerful subconscious mind.

[13:15] Learn about the energy you are aligned with and what you get back from the universe.

[13:56] When you first start your business, giving freebies has equal energy, but very quickly, it starts to tip the other way, and you need to be aware of it.

[16:25] Your rates should balance with the value you are giving.

[18:46] The key is not to try to force things to happen by action alone.

[21:36] Why she pulled her freebies back in 2020, and her number one priority is where her energy is at.

[23:28] Your feminine side is what allows the flow, while the masculine side will work you into the ground.

[26:03] Don’t let the things we learned during the pandemic fall to the wayside once we get our lives back.

[27:39] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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